Beta 300RR 2-Stroke


Beta 300RR

Meet the new 2013 Beta 300 RR which is a totally fresh motorcycle equipped with Beta’s fresh 2 stroke 300 cc engine. The new engine has been fully developed and tested by the Tuscany firm and respects the latest standards in terms of technology and performance.
The 2 stroke unit is mated on a six speed transmission and is brought to life by an electric starter that is smartly located under the engine to keep the motorcycle perfectly balance.

Like the 2013 Beta 250RR 2 Stroke, the 2013 300RR model also shares the same swingarm, wheels and bodywork as the 4T range. This makes it as agile and lightweight as its brothers.
The stopping power is handled by more rigid brake discs with a different profile and 6 mounting points to the hub, made of high quality steel.

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Beta 300RR 2-Stroke originally appeared on topspeed.com on Tuesday, 7 May 2013 09:58 EST.

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